Monthly Meeting – Jan 2020

Manville Sportsmen’s Rod & Gun Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2020
– Meeting called to order at 9:15 a.m.
– Moment of silence for the passing of Ed Crawford.
– Officers for 2020 sworn in.

Roll Call of Officers:
– President: Mike Dennen – Present
– 1st Vice President: Gerry Nault – Present
– 2nd Vice President: Ron Pouliot – Present
– Secretary: Jim Laird – Present
– Treasurer: Russ Duguay – Present
– Membership Chairman: Jon Demers – Present
– Auditors: Brian Thompson – Absent; Mae Anthony – Present; Jon Demers – Present
– Chief Range Officer: Bill Murray – Present.

Reading of the Minutes:

– Motion from the floor to accept the December, 2019 meeting minutes as posted. Seconded. Passed.

Reports of Officers:
President – Gave report.
First Vice President – Gave report.
Second Vice President – Gave report.
Treasurer – Gave report.
Membership Chairman – Gave report.

– Motion by Jon Demers to add Edmundo DaSilvia and Steven Spencer to the bottom of the waiting list. Seconded. Passed.

Secretary – Gave report.
Auditors – Gave report.
Chief Range Officer – Progressing.

Reports of Disciplines:
Trap – Gave report.
Archery – Gave report.

– Motion by Dave Allard to continue the Thursday night league through December 2020. Seconded. Passed.

Junior Archery – Gave report.
Women’s Archery – Inactive. No chairperson.
Pistol League – No report.
Single Action Shooting – Gave report.

– Motion by Jon Quinn to buy 2 used Stainless Ruger Vaquero in .357 magnum foe $500 each, plus tax and transfer fee. Seconded.

– Motion by Paul Dulude to move to Finance Committee. Seconded. Passed.

Practical Shooting – All operations ceased pending approved budget.
Junior Rifle – Gave Report.
High Power Rifle – No report.
Fun Shoots – All operations ceased pending approved budget.
Tomahawk & Knife Throwing – Progressing.

Standing Committees:
Second Amendment Coalition – Gave report.
R.I. Federated Sportsmen – Gave report.

– Motion by Jack Peters to purchase ten (10) tickets at $45 each for the March 20, 2020 Annual Dinner. Seconded. Passed.

Training – NRA: No report.
Hunter Safety: Gave report.
NRA – Gave report.
Fish & Game – Progressing.
Finance Committee – Gave Report.
Planning Committee – Progressing.
Inventory Committee – Progressing.
Kitchen – Gave report.
Settlers’ Days – Progressing.
IT Committee – Gave report.

– Mike Luciano accepted chairmanship.

Club Store – Gave Report.
Grievance Committee – Progressing.

Special Committees:
Bylaws Review Committee – Progressing.
Second Amendment Coalition Volunteer Committee – Progressing.

Unfinished Business: Jack Peters reported on Membership Meeting Attendance Survey.

New Business: – Motion by Paul Collette to donate $100 to the Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts. Seconded. Passed. 

Split The Pot: – $194 paid out to Craig Swain. 

Next Membership Meeting: March 1, 2020

Meeting adjourned at 10:36 a. m.

Jim Laird, Secretary

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