Monthly Meeting – Dec 2019

Manville Sportsmen’s Rod & Gun Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2019


– Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m.


– Moment of silence for the passing of Donald Deshaies.

– Sikhan Sdoeong presented a U.S. flag flown over the Iraq warzone to the club.


Roll Call of Officers:

– President: Mike Dennen – Present

– 1st Vice President: Gerry Nault – Present

– 2nd Vice President: Ron Pouliot – Present

– Secretary: Jim Laird – Present

– Treasurer: Russ Duguay – Present

– Membership Chairman: Jon Demers – Present

– Auditors: Brian Thompson – Present; Mae Anthony – Absent; Evan Dextraze – Absent

– Chief Range Officer: Bill Murray – Present.


Reading of the Minutes – Motion by Joe Duguay to accept the November meeting minutes as read. Seconded. Passed.


Reports of Officers:

President – Progressing.

First Vice President – Gave report.

Second Vice President – Gave report.

Treasurer Gave report.

Membership Chairman – Gave report.

            – Motion by Jon Demers to add Norman Pheland, Chad McFall, and Donald Avanso to the bottom of the waiting list. Seconded. Passed.

Secretary – Gave report.

Auditors – Gave report.

            – Motion by Mike Derita to accept auditors report. Seconded. Passed.

            – Motion by Brian Thompson to keep auditor records for seven (7) years. Seconded. Passed.

Chief Range Officer – Progressing.

Reports of Disciplines:

Trap – Gave report.

Archery – No report.

Junior Archery No report.

Women’s Archery – Inactive. No chairperson.

Pistol League No report.

Single Action Shooting – Gave report.

            – Motion by Jon Quinn to reserve Range #1 for Cowboy Shoots during 2020 on January 18, February 15, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, July18, August 15, September 26, October 17,November21, and December 19. Seconded. Passed.

Practical Shooting – All operations ceased pending approved budget.

Junior Rifle Progressing.

High Power Rifle – No report.

Fun Shoots All operations ceased pending approved budget.       

Tomahawk & Knife Throwing – Gave report.

            – Motion by Jack Peters to remove tomahawks from the club for the annual Boy Scout Klondike Days event. Seconded. Passed.


Standing Committees:

Second Amendment Coalition – Gave report.

R.I. Federated Sportsmen – Gave report.

Training – NRA: No report.

            – Hunter Safety: Gave report.

                          – Motion by Jack Peters to reserve the hall January 31, 2020 and February 1, 2020 for an Archery Hunter Safety Course. Seconded. Passed.

                        – Motion by Jack Peters to reserve the hall March 13, 2020 through March15, 2020 for a Firearms Hunter Safety Course. Seconded. Passed.

NRA – Gave report.

Fish & Game – Progressing.

Finance Committee – Progressing.

Planning Committee – Progressing.

Inventory Committee – No report.

Kitchen – Gave report.

            – Motion by Paul Collette to allocate $1,600 for Game Dinner expenses. Seconded. Passed.

Club Store – Progressing.

Settlers’ Days – Gave report.

IT Committee – Gave report.

            – Motion by Jon Demers to allocate $125 for the purchase of membership software. Seconded. Passed.

Grievance Committee – Progressing.


Special Committees:

Bylaws Review Committee – Progressing.

Second Amendment Coalition Volunteer Committee – Progressing.

Nomination Committee – Motion by Tom Elias to have the Secretary cast one vote for each candidate. Seconded. Passed.

            – Secretary casted one vote for each:

                        – President: Mike Dennen

                        – 1st Vice President: Gerry Nault

                        – 2nd Vice President: Ron Pouliot

                        – Secretary: Jim Laird

                        – Treasurer: Russ Duguay

                        – Membership Chairman: Steve DeHart

                        – Auditor: Jon Demers, Sr.


Unfinished Business: None.

New Business: None.


Split The Pot: – None.


Next Membership Meeting: January 5, 2020


Meeting adjourned at 10:52 a. m.


Jim Laird, Secretary

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