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Ages:  10 years and older. However, some younger shooters may be able to participate in the program, depending on strength, the ability to follow directions, behavior and interest.

Shooters will be assigned to 8 am or 10 am

Before shooting, all participants must be at the club with his/her parent/guardian, for registration, completing of the MSRGC NEW Waiver/Release of Liability & Indemnity Form (June 2014), and orientation on range rules, safety and proper use of a recurve bow.

Returning shooters do not need to attend the orientation.

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More Info

There is a yearly fee of $25.

The club has re-curve bows and arrows available or the archer may bring his/ her own traditional style bow. (No compound bows)

  • Archers will be shooting at targets from 5 to 15 yard distances based on age and skill level.

Walter, Junior Archery Chairman,
401-724-4794 or cell 401-837-6154


Featured Events

The Junior Archery Program is held every Saturday from October to March.