22 calibur

What We Do

The .22 Pistol League shoots a standard 50 foot NRA pistol course. It begins with 5 minutes of unlimited practice. Then a 10 shot slow fire followed by to 5 shot 20 second relays and then 2 more 5 shot relays consisting of 10 seconds. Your score is based on a possible 300 perfect score. Scores will be posted on a board at the club and an average is based off of the top 15 scores shot for the season. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season in 3 categories.

1. Expert
2. Sharpshooter
3. Marksman

More Info

Equipment and Fees:
.22 caliber pistol with 2 magazines and ammo
$3 for members
$5 for non-members


Note:  Needed Indoor Range qualifications are done at the end of the last string for evening match

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Upcoming Events

This discipline is current out of season. There is currently no events schedule for the .22 Pistol League. Please check back with us in season to see upcoming events.